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cause I called him "baby". He didn't want to start another fight generic levitra either, not about that, I could tell... and we had no generic levitra online more talk about pussies for the generic levitra moment either. He can call it what he wants, I guess... all I know is, it feels really, really good. Willie's cock head does gets sensitive like that, it's happened before, but he's a quick healer. We flopped back on my bed side by side with Willie holding his penis head away from contact of any kind. After a few minutes he insinuated his arm under my neck and pulled levitra 20 my head over to kiss the side of my forehead and say, "You still mad at me? I heard that sarcastic "baby" comment, ya know?" I buy levitra online shook my head "no" and he generic vardenafil squeezed my neck and kissed me again. We lay there together for some time... all of sudden it came back to me that Carl and I had this same dumb discussion about calling my ass a pussy months ago... and with the exact same result. I gave in and agreed it's alright levitra 20 to call my ass buy levitra a pussy. It's only a word for Christ sakes, I think that's what levitra 20mg Willie said earlier... forget it. Later Willie said, "I need to pee and I want you to do my pubes now too... so, lets get that done before we head out. We should take off for the block levitra 20 party pretty soon." I knew that the original block party had been cancelled due to rain, but this is the first I knew about it being generic vardenafil rescheduled for tonight. Cool! We walked bare ass, with me holding Willie's hand again, downstairs to the finished basement and into the half bath. The same half bath I'd fucked Robbie in Tuesday night. That made me remember I promised myself I'd do something vardenafil for Willie, something special to levitra generic ease online levitra my guilty conscience about cheating on him. Maybe I already did it with that pussy routine... levitra 20mg me giving in so submissively and all. I thought about that as I was using the electric trimmers on Willie's bush, it had grown in a bit more than I'd originally levitra generic thought. Then buy levitra online I soaked the stubble, lathered on the shaving cream, and with a safety razor carefully shaved him smooth as a baby. After I'd shaved him and rubbed my hand generic levitra all around feeling for a hair I may have missed we went upstairs again to squeez into my bedroom's small bath to shower together. Willie was big on cleanliness, which isn't a bad thing. I can take it or leave it. We dried ourselves and fixed our flattops as levitra 20mg Willie mumbled, levitra coupon "My hair grew in faster than yours, Dylan". I took that opening to say, "Oh, I wanted to ask you something about that... would it be all right with you if I got a buzzcut this week?" I asked online levitra him that as part of my plans for the up-coming, very unfortunate, Saturday over-night stay levitra coupon with Joel. Joel was insisting vardenafil my hair be no longer than half an inch on top. That's how long it had been levitra online coming out of that military barbershop two weeks ago, but now it was almost an inch long generic vardenafil in the front. Willie looked at me and said, "No. No buzzcuts, I don't like em'. Ya do know that I'm generic levitra online in trouble with Larry about this haircut already, so I'll probably need to grow my hair out for the school year. I'll want you to have whatever hairstyle I have... it's my thang, dude. Heh heh, ya know... that my boyfriend and me have the same haircut at all times. heh heh" generic levitra He meant what he said even though he was in a joking mood about it, vardenafil so my face dropped, joking mood or not, what the levitra 20 mg hell was I going to do generic levitra now? Who knows levitra online what Joel will do levitra 20 if I don't get it cut. Willie says, "No buzz, but this one last time you can have another flattop. I'll take you over to the Wellesly barbershop where I levitra 20mg first got mine cut and have him do his version of a flattop for you. He'll at least levitra coupon level it off like it should be, not like that butcher of a barber cut it in buy levitra that military chop levitra generic shop. Jesus! that was one of my buy levitra really bad ideas, wasn't it?" and he laughing about it as we dressed. I figured, this will work out OK afterall, my hair will be short enough levitra online levitra generic to pass generic levitra online Joel's requirements, and I don't really give a shit about hair styles myself. Along that line... hell, Chubby and I did buzzcuts on each other for years and years... OK, so now I'll get one more stupid flattop to satisfy Joel and I'm good, things are shaping up here! Shorty, Willie and I went outside and down the steps to get into his convertible... it was a beautiful late July night. We were heading for Cambridge and the gayborhood levitra coupon block party. Jeez, I couldn't help think about the sex we just had and how it had been so generic vardenafil good. My hickey burned, but other then that I felt relaxed and wonderfully satisfied. Looking over at Willie I'm thinking how lucky I've been since coming "out"... and ain't he a cute boyfriend. OK, so he did get a little heavy-handed with me about that silly "pussy/ass" thing, that's fine... he's got a right to get pissed-off once in a while buy levitra online too, just like I do. I respect him... I don't know, maybe getting fucked twice levitra 20 mg by him tonight is influencing my feelings, but levitra 20 mg I really do love him so much. I had time for my thoughts because we couldn't talk very easily flying down the Mass Pike at sixty-five miles an hour, top down and music blaring levitra 20 mg and the wind howling all around us. I thought my thoughts, and just enjoyed the great way I felt right now. Willie and me were coming together so perfectly, buy levitra but I did need to admit to myself online levitra that my plan of using baby steps to get him to realize that the levitra 20 dominant/submissive thing was levitra online stupid might not be going my way. vardenafil It looks like the opposite is happening... his baby steps method of getting me to adhere to his concept of a relationship is what's actually working. I'm giving in inch by inch to buy levitra online Willie, and Willie loves to be dominant and generic levitra online he loves me being submissive... not that h online levitra